I am a freelance web developer, designer, and IT consultant. I have over a decade of experience in web design, programming, and consulting work. I produce web applications using the latest standards-compliant technology available. I work in a lot of languages, ranging from PHP and Java to Ruby and Python, but Ruby is my favorite.

My passion is combining the latest technology with refined design to implement effective, intelligent, and innovative projects. I have worked with a range of cutting-edge and legacy systems for customers; integrating solutions between the old and the new is seen as a welcome challenge rather than a burden when required. Most of my clients are small to medium sized local and regional businesses, charities, and community groups.

I have experience working in education, retail, nonprofit, and healthcare environments, and I would love an opportunity to apply my passion and experience to your organization or project. Please contact me using the link above; I’d love to discuss any potential needs with you, from early conceptual ideas to a specific vision of a new product, there's no bad proposal.